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You May Now Upload from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Box

iPlayerHD cloud storage integrations

In the more than eight years since I founded iPlayerHD, there’s little I enjoy more than delivering a new feature to our video hosting platform – especially a feature that truly makes a difference to so many of iPlayerHD’s users. This is certainly one of those occasions.

Beginning today, you may now upload directly from your Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Box storage and back up accounts. What makes this really special is most of us are now backing up our important data and files somewhere and the four services we are linked to cover the greatest majority of our users.

Your current workflow is probably to upload to either iPlayerHD first and then to your backup provider, or vice versa. Either way, it’s a time consuming, machine and bandwidth occupying two-step process. Your new workflow is much simpler. Upload your file to your service. When done, go to your iPlayerHD uploader, click or tap “Add Files” and then choose your provider. It will smooth out the process if you are already logged in to your provider though it is not necessary. Find your file(s) and “Choose”. The file will begin uploading automatically – there is no need to click or tap “Start Upload” as you do when uploading from your machine’s drive. This is important to remember because if you make any changes to the default upload settings (Add to Folders, Create Playlist, etc), you need to make those changes before you “Add File(s)”.


As you will see, the upload takes very little time. Large file uploads that may have taken hours to upload are now complete in just a few minutes. And the risk of a failed upload is now a thing of the past.

Although the upload is not occurring from your drive, you must not close the page until the upload is complete. You can leave the page to do other things (as you can now) but the page must remain open in the background. The good news is the uploader is not using any of your machine’s resources or your machine’s bandwidth connection to the Internet.

Easy peasy.

Unfortunately Apple does not allow access to iCloud so we are unable to include them in the feature. Nothing we can do until they change their policy.

So that’s it. Another new feature.

Please let us know what you think.

Thank you as always for using iPlayerHD’s video hosting platform.

Wes Moore
Founder, iPlayerHD


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