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Need to transfer massive video files? No biggie.

There are many well known and commonly used features found within the iPlayerHD content management system.  But there is one feature that’s not so well known but can be quite useful.

Let’s suppose you have a small or large video file (pdfs, zip and other file types work also) that you want to send to someone.  It may be too large for an email.  Using your iPlayerHD Library, you can easily grab downloadable links that can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

Follow these steps:

Go to your iPlayerHD Upload page and open your settings. Uncheck Optimize Videos so that your video file remains intact.

Upload your file.

Once uploaded, go to your Library where you will see your file at the top of the list of files.

Place a mark to the left of the file. This changes the nav bar at the top which now includes a share icon. Click on share and in the window that opens, copy the shareable url.

Copy the link and paste into an email, document or web page.  Here’s a link you can test:

NYC Traffic Video

iPlayerHD has a 15 GB file size limit. However, we expect that will go higher in the near future.

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