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The iPlayerHD Version 7 Release is a Big Success!



We are excited to report that the release of Version 7 of iPlayerHD’s video hosting platform was a huge success. After several months of development by Team iPlayerHD, we delivered our latest version on June 9. Since iPlayerHD first launched in April of 2008, we’ve had two major updates to our platform, each with its own challenges. While we had a few minor bugs, all of which we worked out very quickly, this was the best release ever. Congratulations to Team iPlayerHD for a job well done!

Over the next several months we will be adding a number of new features including one very cool feature that is currently in stealth development mode and is targeted for release in late July. We’ll also be adding more robust analytics and stats with graphs, geo tracking and email capabilities. So keep an eye out here for updates.

I’d like to offer my special thanks to each and every iPlayerHD subscriber.  Your input over the years has played the most critical role in the development of our platfrom. iPlayerHD is, after all, your company. Our primary goal continues to be satisfying your desire to deliver the best video experience to your audience.

Thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement and support. I promise to continue our quest to be the best video hosting platform on the planet.

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