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Subscriber Profiles – Isabel Spradlin and Rebekah Morgan

As part of our Meet iPlayerHD Subscribers Series, I’d like to introduce you to Isabel Spradlin and Bekah Morgan.

Isabel Spradlin

Isabel Spradlin has spent the better part of the last five years helping folks who have been injured through the use of her advanced massage techniques. She is now teaching them how to do it through online education at her site From what I’ve seen, Isabel has a great gift with her knowledge and her hands. You may reach her at

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Bekah Morgan

If you ever wonder what it takes to stay physically fit, look no further than Bekah Morgan’s e-learning site has all of the exercises you’ll need to get you in the best condition of your life – from the comfort of your home. Well, comfort is a relative term as her exercises will get you pumped and get you sweating! You may reach her at

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