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Resellers Earn Free iPlayerHD Accounts


Did you know that if you refer two subscribers to iPlayerHD’s video hosting and publishing platform, your subscription is free for one year?  iPlayerHD will reward you with $150 for every subscriber you refer. Two subscribers earns you a free account. Or we can send you cash. It’s your choice.

When you signed up for your iPlayerHD account, you were automatically enrolled in our Reseller Program. As a Reseller, you’ll have nothing to do other than point folks to your Reseller page which looks just like the iPlayerHD home page – which is exactly what it is.  Except when they sign up for a free trial account, we’ll know they were referred by you.

If you do not know your Reseller page address, send us an email and we’ll get it to you right away.  It will look like this:  (not an active link).

Here’s a suggestion for promoting iPlayerHD: Send a simple email to everyone in your address book telling them how much you love iPlayerHD. Include your Reseller address so that they can visit the site.  That’s it. We’ll take it from there.

Post your Reseller address to Facebook. Tweet it. Do this frequently and watch how often you earn Reseller fees.

The address we created for you may be changed simply by emailing me with your requested suffix and if its not already taken, we’ll make the change.

For more information, visit

Please tell all of your friends and colleagues about iPlayerHD. We’ll reward you handsomely!

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