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Posting Custom Images to your Videos

Author’s Note – The following blog post on the subject of custom images may also be found as a video tutorial in the Need Help section of your iPlayerHD content manager.  The video is titled, appropriately, Custom Images.

Your video’s thumbnail and splash images are a viewer’s peek at what they’re about to see. In other words, your opportunity to capture their attention, quickly.

Thankfully, iPlayerHD allows you to customize both your thumbnail and your splash image, so that you can leave a positive impression on your viewers before they even click the play button.

Before we walk through the steps to change your images, here are a few things you should know:

  • When you upload a video, the very first frame is used as the default image.
  • If the first frame of your video is black, the thumbnail will be black.

With that out of the way, let’s start customizing your images.

Once you’re signed in to iPlayerHD, navigate to the Videos page. Choose the video you’d like to work on, and click on the current image. This will take you to the video options page.


Under Display, choose Images.

On the Images page, you’ll see separate sections for your thumbnail image and splash image. Choose which image you’d like to work with first. In this example, we’ll start with the splash image.

Click Grab.

Play the video, and pause whenever you come to the frame that you would like to make the splash image.

After you pause, select Grab.

Your image should now be updated. Make sure to Save.

To customize your thumbnail image, repeat steps 5 through 8, but with the image labeled thumbnail image.

Already shared the video? No problem. Once you save your changes here, the shared video’s images will also update where ever your video is found.

If you run into any trouble, please do reach out to iPlayerHD support by emailing

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