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Learn Social With These Seventeen Helpful Links

Over the course of a week, I read many blogs about a variety of subjects from sports to politics to technology and, of course, social media. In an effort to increase the visibility of iPlayerHD’s video hosting platform, learning how best to use social media has become a top priority.  Chances are excellent social media […]

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How to Use the iPlayerHD Replace Video Feature

So you embedded a video a few weeks or months ago on your website or blog and now you want to change the video. Perhaps your developer is the only person who can make changes to your website and he or she is away on vacation or otherwise occupied. You need the change effective immediately. […]

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HTML5 Video Update Part Two – This Could Make You Wicked Smart

Read this if you have read part one….otherwise…read part one first. For at least two years now, there has been much talk about HTML5. Many believe it will replace Flash Player.  But don’t hold your breath. HTML5 is not even close to being universally accepted by all browsers and until it is, Flash Player will […]

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iPlayerHD in 2012 – Many Exciting New Features

From all of us at iPlayerHD, Happy New Year. We hope 2012 is a prosperous and happy year for you and for your business. Let’s not forget last year – we thank you for your business and your loyalty in 2011. iPlayerHD is only as good as the company we keep and we sure are […]

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Use this Simple Video Bandwidth Calculator for Video Hosting

Have you every wondered what the difference is between a bit and a byte or tried to understand the meaning of a kilobyte, megabyte or a gigabyte? Understanding each of these will help you understand video bitrates and video bandwidth which are relevant to anyone using any of the available video hosting providers including iPlayerHD. […]

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Are You Satisfied with the Support You’re Getting?

Five years is a short period of time. Think for a moment how you ran your business in 2006. How much time did you spend in front of your computer or smart device using web technology to manage your business?  Unless you were writing code for a living, you didn’t spend much time at all. Fast […]

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Preparing Video for Uploading to Video Hosting Platforms

At iPlayerHD, as the name would imply, much of the video content uploaded to our platform has, as it’s source, high definition resolutions. Not surprisingly, much of the video uploaded is also standard definition.  There are still many folks shooting with older cameras and there is an abundance of legacy video shot in non-HD resolutions. […]

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Resellers Earn Free iPlayerHD Accounts

  Did you know that if you refer two subscribers to iPlayerHD’s video hosting and publishing platform, your subscription is free for one year?  iPlayerHD will reward you with $150 for every subscriber you refer. Two subscribers earns you a free account. Or we can send you cash. It’s your choice. When you signed up […]

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