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Teaching the Godfather How to Sing

Gerald Whites Teaches Al Pacino to Sing In 2014, Gerald White made the Godfather an offer he could not refuse. Give me two days a week at your Beverly Hills home and I’ll teach you how to sing. Al Pacino, known for many roles over six decades, none more famous than his role as Italian gangster […]

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Hybrid Moon

Great Storytelling Becomes Great Content at Hybrid Moon Video

Storytelling in the Early Years Storytelling with video was not something Portland, Oregon’s Eric Newland aspired to as a teenager. Long before he was a personal videographer to personalities like Robert De Niro and Snoop Dog, Eric was fresh out of high school looking for his next thing. Heather, his high school sweetheart, future wife and Hybrid […]

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What is the True Cost of YouTube?

       Do you remember when you watched your first video on the Internet? Perhaps it was on YouTube? Unless you were living under a rock, it was sometime in 2005, the year YouTube first showed up on the radar and quickly became the number two website in the world, second only to Google. […]

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How to Place a Video on Your Wix page in 3 Steps

In today’s post, I’ll show you how you can easily add a video to your Wix web page using the iPlayerHD video hosting app. Wix’s popular site builder is a very capable platform and the iPlayerHD app, with over 400,000 installations, is by far the most popular video hosting app found in the Wix App […]

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Pro Plan Storage and Bandwidth Has Been Doubled

  So here’s some really good news. If you are a Pro Plan iPlayerHD video hosting subscriber, we’ve just doubled your storage from 50 GB to 100 GB. We’ve also doubled your monthly bandwidth from 200 GB to 400 GB. Of course, at no cost to you. Free forever. That felt good. Have a great […]

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Lighting For Real Estate Photography

This post comes from Scott Hargis, a widely recognized interiors and architectural photographer based in the San Francisco Bay area.

He creates artistic photographs that communicate more than just basic information about a room or structure. His compositions reveal the intent of the designer, interpreting their work into a two-dimensional image that accurately conveys the feeling of being in the space itself.

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Celebrated Filmmaker Brett Culp Writes about Legends of the Knight and WE are BATMAN

“You will not see a more emotionally-engaging Batman movie than ‘LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT’ in your entire life.” – Filmmaker Kevin Smith   Today’s post comes from long time iPlayerHD user and friend, Brett Culp. Brett is an award-winning digital filmmaker and speaker. His most recent film, “WE are BATMAN: Legends of the Knight” has been seen […]

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