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free video footage

Where to Find Free Video Footage and How to Use it.

If it’s Free, it’s For Me. Some of my favorite finds on the web are sites that offer stuff I’m interested in at no cost whatsoever. Truly free video footage sites can be difficult to find as many claim to be free but dig just below the topsoil and you often find there’s a grub. Or […]

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Keep Calm and Play the Piano

A Source of Inspiration My mother, Helen Moore, was a successful entrepreneur at a time when women did not start businesses. That she was a woman in a world dominated by men never deterred her from her mission to succeed. In fact, I’m not sure her gender ever entered her thought process. She was, and […]

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Boosting Sales Through Video Content Marketing

This post on video content marketing originally appeared on The Video Experts blog and is found here by courtesy of Steven Fowler, owner of The Video Experts, a multiple award winning commercial video production company based in East Windsor, CT.  Thanks Steve! How Your Company Can Boost Sales Through Video Content Marketing Running a successful business has […]

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Unmasking the Secrets of Video on the Web

Unmasking the secrets of video on the Web. Have you ever wondered how it all works? How your videos get from your device to the folks who watch those videos on their devices anywhere in the world? If you have, you’re not alone. As the 2008 founder of iPlayerHD, I am often asked how it all works. […]

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Is video in email the right way to go?

Videos in email campaigns will increase click through rates. If your enterprise includes email marketing in its growth strategy and you employ video in your web pages to convey your most important messages, why not combine the two? Creating brand awareness through email continues to be a commonly used strategy among most enterprises. Adding video […]

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new player control bar

Introducing iPlayerHD’s New Player Control Bar

 Coloring your players has never been easier (and more fun)! All of us at iPlayerHD are pleased to announce that we have updated our video player with a new control bar. And we have given iPlayerHD users more control bar customization tools in their content management systems. We think you’ll agree that the look and […]

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[Infographic] Video marketing statistics you need to know

There is a lot of information about video marketing going around. Conversations about that topic are being held all around the web. Video has been on the rise for the past years, it quickly took the marketing world and by 2017. it will be the king of marketing. People respond to video on a deep […]

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Refreshing Facebook meta data for a website

How to Force Facebook to Refresh Meta Information

Have you ever posted a video on Facebook and later decided to change the tags associated with the video? For example, let’s say you post a video from your iPlayerHD account to Facebook. A few weeks later you change the tags (title for example) and you want to also change them (refresh meta information) for […]

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Video marketing

What is video marketing?

Video marketing, simply put, is the use of video in an online marketing campaign, specifically to build awareness of a company’s brand and its products. Video engages web site visitors much more deeply than words and images alone. We are all familiar with the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Forrester researcher […]

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