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New Feature Alert – Pop Your Videos Over Your Web Pages


I’m pleased to announce the delivery of the iPlayerHD Pop-Over Video feature. What is it you ask? For the answer, click on the image below. Then on the page that opens, click on the Argo thumbnail below the player. When done, come back to this page for more information.

It appears as though your click on the thumbnail dimmed the lights on this web page and placed a video player in the foreground. What actually happened is a slightly transparent web page opened on top of this web page, giving you the allusion of the lights being dimmed for the video player.

iPlayerHD’s Pop-Over Video feature is great for web pages with limited real estate.  You can use single videos and playlists. Simply click “embed” next to the video or playlist you wish to embed, choose your options including the size you wish the player to appear and then click “Pop Over”. It is important you copy all of the code in the window so be sure to use your command copy key to get it all.  Paste it into the html area of your web page and you are done.

The thumbnail used is the thumbnail associated with the video embedded. If a playlist is embedded, the thumbnail is the one associated with the first video in the playlist.

If you have any comments or questions about this new feature, please email me at I’d especially like to know how you think we can improve it.

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