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More Video Hosting Features Added – More Coming Soon


It has been a busy summer and fall at the iPlayerHD Video Hosting Feature Factory. As you know, we’ve added two thousand pounds of features including a complete makeover of your content management system. Our goal was to enhance your iPlayerHD experience, making it easier to upload, manage and publish your videos.  Based on your comments so far, it seems we reached our goal. But we’re not done yet. There’s still much to be done.

Here’s a partial list of the recent feature ads:

  • Thumbnail images on “My Videos” page creates a visual method to assist in faster identification of your videos.
  • Options to share, preview and download your videos on the “My Videos” page simplifies your access to these features.
  • Folders allows you to easily organize your videos and playlists.
  • Inside the video edit mode is a preview player for viewing the changes you make during the edit mode.
  • Also inside the video edit mode, you may now watch your video and choose the thumbnail and splash image.
  • Our new Upload page allows you to make playlist and folder choices before you upload.
  • Our video player now has a menu option allowing your viewers to change the quality of the video should buffering occur.
  • Our video player now allows scrubbing of the video in progressive mode (previously in streaming mode only).

Again, this is a partial list. To learn more about all of the changes, watch this video.

As always, please reach out to us anytime for support by email at or by telephone at USA 603 778 7000.



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