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iPlayerHD Videos are Responsive

Responsive? What the heck are responsive videos?

Responsive videos mean that the iframe containing your embedded video and playlist will respond, or re-size, to fit the screen on which it is being viewed. So on a small screen, such as a mobile device, the person viewing your video will no longer need to reduce the size of the screen with their fingers. It will happen automatically.

There is a caveat to this (always – right?). Your webpage must be responsive if iPlayerHD’s videos are to be responsive. But that’s a limitation that applies universally. So if your web pages are not responsive, be sure to ask your web development team to discuss your options.

A responsive page with a video player embedded not only re-sizes the player but it also re-sizes and reorganizes content, images and menus so that there is order to the page as it reduces in size to fit the screen. We’ll give you a player and playlist that re-sizes. The rest of the page is up to you.

As you know, iPlayerHD also offers ready-made web pages you can use to deliver video content. We have made them responsive as well. Here is a video explaining how responsive players and pages work:

We know that you have single videos and video playlists that were embedded prior to this feature was added.  You do not need to re-embed your videos to make them responsive. You’ll find specific information on making your existing embeds responsive by clicking on “embed” next to any of your Videos and Playlists. For new embeds, you’ll find information in the embed windows for both single embeds and playlists.

There is nothing you need to do for existing iPlayerHD ready-made web pages.  Those have been updated by our team.

Please reach out to our support folks at for more information.





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