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Get Your First Year of iPlayerHD Video Hosting at No Cost

First Year Free Video Hosting
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iPlayerHD Video Hosting is Now Free For the First Year*

OK. So this is a big deal, right? iPlayerHD is giving all new users their first year of iPlayerHD’s video hosting Pro Plan at no cost. Free. Zippo. 

Put your credit and debit cards away. We won’t ask for them.

We’re so confident users will love iPlayerHD, we’re giving away our Pro Plan at no cost for one full year.

You get all of us for free.

Everything in the Pro Plan at No Cost

Every feature. Email and telephone support. Includes all of the storage and bandwidth allowances found in our Pro Plan. No ads. No iPlayerHD branding.

Why are we doing this? The answer is simple. Most users, at the end of the year, will be so pleased with iPlayerHD’s video hosting features, they will upgrade to a paid plan.  It’s good business for our users. And it’s good business for us.

Savvy marketers can use iPlayerHD to upload, manage and publish their video content to their websites and share them to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. By the end of the year, you’ll know which plan you need. The Basic Plan at $19 a month will be the most popular choice while some will use enough storage and bandwidth to support an upgrade to the $29 a month Pro Plan. Either way, both plans include every feature. The only difference between the two plans is the storage and bandwidth allowances.

Getting started is easy. Simply create an account and begin uploading, publishing and sharing your videos.

Sign up now and get 365 days of iPlayerHD’s Pro Plan at no cost.


* Our First Year Free offer is available in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. More restrictions apply. Please read our Terms of Use for more information.

Join more than 100,000 businesses and organizations worldwide using iPlayerHD.


No obligations, no credit card required.