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iPlayerHD Version 7 Video Hosting Platform Launched

I’m pleased to announce that Version 7 of iPlayerHD’s video hosting platform has been launched. Months of hard work by Team iPlayerHD has delivered our most productive and scalable platform to date. Version 7 includes the following features:

  • A new player with a much more attractive control bar which in a future release may be customized.
  • New and very attractive share features.
  • A new uploader with advanced options that simplify uploading of videos and all other file types.
  • The new uploader makes it easy to choose specific images to be used as thumbnail and splash images.
  • Progressive videos may now be instantly scrubbed. Go anywhere instantly along the timeline.
  • Scrollable playlists below the player are now available.
iPlayerHD Version 7 Video Hosting Platform Launched
With this new release, we can deliver new features much faster – and we have a long list of features to be delivered over the next several weeks and months.
iPlayerHD continues to deliver the best quality video experience on the Web.  Our bandwidth detection delivers video based on each viewer’s unique connection speed so that buffering is almost always eliminated keeping your audience engaged.
If you don’t have an iPlayerHD account, try it free for thirty days.  Take it out for a drive.  Upload some video. Play the video. Send it to friends and collegaues.  Join the thousands of others who rely on iPlayerHD to ingest, manage and publish their most important video content.

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