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iPlayerHD, Property Videos and MLS Compliance

Twelve years ago, April of 2008 to be more precise, iPlayerHD launched its first video hosting product. Our first customer was Jock Hewitt of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Jock was a real estate agent selling very expensive ranch properties mostly for sheep, horses and cattle. He was also an avid videographer who created stunning videos of each of the properties he sold. Jack was the sort of rugged New Zealander I’d read about or seen in films based on life in New Zealand. When he was not creating video content, Jock was fly fishing New Zealand mountain streams.

Although he has since passed away (I do miss him – we had become friends as I often do with my customers), for many years he was the example I used when asked about real estate videography.

Since that time, iPlayerHD has served countless real estate video pros around the world. While most focus on the photography aspect, some, like my friend Jock, create video content and act as sales agents for the property owners. The trend, though, over the last few years, has been for sales pros to focus on sales and leave the video content to video pros.  And that makes sense, especially with the introduction and significant use of drones.

The most common feature question we are asked by real estate video pros is “is iPlayerHD MLS compliant?”. And the answer is yes! While there are many MLS organizations in the United States and Canada, with different rules and policies, the one common denominator they all share is that videos posted to MLS sponsored pages and listings must be unbranded. 

Here’s an example of a shareable unbranded video page created automatically when you upload your video file to iPlayerHD.

As you can see, this page is unbranded and is easily shared on MLS or anywhere you wish to share. Need a branded page also? iPlayerHD gives you the tools to make that happen.

If you are a real estate pro and you are looking for a stunning video experience at a price that makes sense (most of our users never pay more than $19 a month), you need to take a hard look at iPlayerHD. Feature packed, easy to use, extremely responsive support.  We’ve got it all.

And who knows, maybe we’ll become friends.


Wes Moore
2007 Founder, iPlayerHD

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