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iPlayerHD New Feature – Setting up a Custom Domain for your Video Web Pages

iplayerhd video hostingWith the addition of this exciting new feature, you may now use your custom domain name for your iPlayerHD Playlist video web pages. You can easily use a domain you already own. For example, if your domain is, you may create a sub-domain, and associate it with your playlist page – i.e., Once created, you will no longer see iPlayerHD in the address bar of your Playlist web pages.

From that point forward, you may share either your URL or the iPlayerHD URL.  Both will go to the same page but your domain and your URL will be displayed in the address line. iPlayerHD will no longer be visible.

This must be done at your domain name registrar where you will add a CNAME record pointing to your Playlist page’s unique URL. To obtain that URL, click “Get URL  next to the name of the Playlist you wish to change and copy it. Bring it over to your registrar and create the CNAME association.

Note: Unfortunately iPlayerHD support staff will not be able to offer support for all the issues or problems that may occur when setting up a domain. Each registrar offers different methods to accomplish this task. They likely have support that will help you out.

We are very excited to offer this exciting new feature.

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