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iPlayerHD in 2012 – Many Exciting New Features

From all of us at iPlayerHD, Happy New Year. We hope 2012 is a prosperous and happy year for you and for your business. Let’s not forget last year – we thank you for your business and your loyalty in 2011. iPlayerHD is only as good as the company we keep and we sure are grateful for your company!


As the Founder and CEO of iPlayerHD, my primary objective has always been to provide a world class video hosting and publishing platform.  And while I am pleased with our product and the problems it solves for our subscribers, it is my view that there is so much more work to be done. As in the past, our business model in 2012 will continue to focus on the needs of our customers, delivering the features and ease of use that makes our product attractive.  In our next two releases, Versions 7.0 and 8.0, due in February and April, respectively, we’ll update our workflow with changes that simply the process of uploading and publishing. We’ll also add many cool features that should greatly enhance your publishing experience. Those features include:

  • Video Lightbox embedding
  • Fully Customizeable skinning of the player
  • New player with updated control bar – later, a customizeable control bar
  • Upload control over file,image, Video and Playlist creation
  • Video and Playlist folders
  • Downloadable analytics reports
  • Video and Playlist specific scheduled email analytics reporting
  • Additonal Video and Playlist data sorting features
  • Use your custom domains for your playlist
  • We’ll simplify Video and file deletions
  • Looping Videos functionality
  • Paywall Feature – Preview then Pay to Watch
  • Emailable download link in Library will simplify file sharing
  • Many new playlist designs/pages
  • YouTube upload feature – upload to iPlayerHD and we upload to your YouTube account
  • Desktop uploader
  • Download option allows viewers to download video
  • Comment option allows viewers to comment

If you have any questions about these features or if you have a feature you would like us to consider, please email me at

Again, Happy New Year!


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