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iPlayerHD and Amazon Web Services – a Solid Partnership

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Life as we know it has been put on pause…something few of us could ever have predicted just a few weeks ago. Yet, here we are.

We’ve all received many emails from the folks we do our business with, emails designed to reassure us that we can continue to count on those products and services and relationships. As the 2007 founder of iPlayerHD, I am reaching out to you today to reassure you that the folks who support you, who maintain the code that keeps your video platform rolling, who answer your questions and solve your problems – we are all in place and working as we have since 2008 when we launched our first product.

iPlayerHD’s platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) global platform. From the moment you upload your video files to the moment those files are delivered to your audience, and all that happens in between, there are countless moving parts. Our partners at Amazon have built an extremely reliable global platform. Ingestion, encoding, storage, delivery…these are moving parts managed by professionals at AWS and iPlayerHD.

As you continue to run your enterprises, using video to message your customers and site visitors, please rest assured your video assets and delivery are in solid hands. The entire team at iPlayerHD – and that especially includes me – has your back.

Be well.


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