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iPlayerHD Analytics – What You Need to Know

Author’s Note – The following blog post on the subject of customizing your player may also be found as a video tutorial in the Need Help section of your iPlayerHD content manager.  The video is titled, appropriately, Analytics.

Once your video has been uploaded, customized, and shared, it may be helpful to look at the video’s analytics. iPlayerHD’s Analytics feature provides several options to examine your video, from a simple snapshot to an in-depth, holistic view.

Once you’re logged in to iPlayerHD, navigate to the Videos page.

Choose the video that you’d like to analyze. If it’s helpful, you can sort your videos by the number of Plays.

Click on the image of the video you’d like to analyze. This will take you to the video options page.

Under Display, choose Stats.

You should see a snapshot of this video’s analytics, including Engagement, Total plays, and Play rate.


Scroll down to see a graphical representation of your data, including Page loads and plays as well as Devices used for watching.

Drill deeper into your video’s analytics by clicking on the graph icon.

You should now see a monthly breakdown of Loads, Unique visitors, Plays, Play rate, Completion, Engagement, Abandonment, Computer, Android, and Apple.

Clicking on the date will take you on step further, uncovering stats for each day of that selected month.

Selecting the day will expose the last level of analysis. For each day, you will see the Location, Engagement, IP, and Device.


On the main Stats page, you can also download your video’s analytics to either a CSV or PDF file.



If you have questions about your video analytics, please reach out to iPlayerHD’s support team by emailing

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