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HTML5 Video Update Part Two – This Could Make You Wicked Smart

Read this if you have read part one….otherwise…read part one first.

For at least two years now, there has been much talk about HTML5. Many believe it will replace Flash Player.  But don’t hold your breath. HTML5 is not even close to being universally accepted by all browsers and until it is, Flash Player will be the player where you watch most of your web video. It’s that simple. A good example is Internet Explorer which does not support HTML5 while Chrome does support HTML5.

Perhaps you’ve never seen what a video looks like in an HTML5 environment. Let’s change that.

Copy and paste the URL below into Internet Explorer and into Chrome and watch what happens.  If you don’t have Chrome, you should.  It is much, much faster and more efficient than any other browser – that’s a very common view among those who have used both browsers.

In IE, if the video plays, it will play in whatever default plugin you have set for IE.  In my case, it plays on the page in QuickTime.

In Chrome, it plays in HTML5.  There is no plugin as HTML5 is a playerless player and plays without a plugin.  The difference is that simple.  If you watched the video in Chrome, you’ve now experienced HTML5.

There’s more. HTML5 does not yet support advanced player features like linkable text and watermarks. In fact, there are many features it does not accept and there is no definitive date when it will just as there is no definitive date when all browsers will be compatible. And even if all browsers were compatible, until all features are supported, it is likely HTML5 will continue to be used only for devices that do not support Flash.

So, do you feel wicked smart?

Have a nice day.


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