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How to Use the iPlayerHD Replace Video Feature

So you embedded a video a few weeks or months ago on your website or blog and now you want to change the video. Perhaps your developer is the only person who can make changes to your website and he or she is away on vacation or otherwise occupied. You need the change effective immediately. Well, I have good news for you. You can easily change any video right within the console of your iPlayerHD video hosting account.

Begin, as always, by uploading your video to your account. The name of this new video may resemble the video you are replacing but with a slight variation.  It is never a good idea to have the same video name used more than once. With your video files processed and ready to use, go to Videos in your console and enter the edit mode of the Video you wish to change by clicking on its name.

How to Use the iPlayerHD Replace Video Feature

In the edit mode, choose your new files. You may also remove the files and then choose but that would be an unnecesary step. Be certain to save your changes after you have chosen your new files. Once you save, the video you embedded in the past will play the updated video files.

Important note:  If you choose “remove” instead of “select” and you remove all video files associated with the Video and then you save, when you go back to add video files, the embed code will change. So don’t do that.

For a complete list of all of the iPlayerHD features, go to the Feature and Learn pages in your account.  You may login here.

Ok, so that was a tough one.



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