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How to Use End of Video Call to Action

Are you using iPlayerHD’s end of video call to action (CTA) feature? If not, perhaps you should give it some consideration. It’s a great way to encourage your audience to take some action. Smart marketers know that CTAs, which come in many forms, are powerful methods to convert traffic, to motivate that hard-earned traffic to take some action.

It’s one thing to pitch something. But without asking for the sale, what’s the point of the pitch?

When I graduated from the University of Massachusetts about a century ago, my first job was selling Olivetti electronic typewriters. These typerwiters came along before personal computers and were a true innovation at the time. Of course they became dinosaurs at about the same moment they were introduced. I had a downtown Boston territory and in no time I was showing these things all over the financial district. But my sales were awful and as i later learned, i was not closing the deal…I was not asking for their business.

It’s no different with the videos you have on your website. If the intention of the video is to demonstrate your products and you don’t end the video with some CTA, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Your call to action should use phrases that are brief. Be sure to use strong verbs that speak directly to your audience. An example of a weak call to action word would be something like click here while effective call to action phrases use more specific words that speak directly to the desired outcome. Examples include:

Have a look at our features.

Contact us for more information.

Buy now!

iPlayerHD’s CTA feature is easy to use and very effective. Here’s a quick video tutorial which is also found in the Need Help area of your iPlayerHD dashboard.

Here’s a page with a CTA you can test.

Have fun!


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