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How to Place a Video on Your Wix page in 3 Steps

In today’s post, I’ll show you how you can easily add a video to your Wix web page using the iPlayerHD video hosting app. Wix’s popular site builder is a very capable platform and the iPlayerHD app, with over 400,000 installations, is by far the most popular video hosting app found in the Wix App market.

If you want to use iPlayerHD on a Wix website, you will need to use our app – the app is geared specifically for Wix and embed codes from accounts at won’t work.  Go to the Wix App Market and search for iPlayerHD and then add it to any page where you want a video to appear. Simple and easy to use, you’ll start with the scaled down free version with the option to upgrade to add more features as well as increased storage and bandwidth allowances.

Once you have installed the app, follow these three simple steps and in just a few short minutes you’ll add great looking videos to your site and create a terrific user experience for your site visitors.

1. Open your page in Wix editor and make room for your video

I have prepared a demo page for this showcase. In this example I want to place my video just below the main section.


I will first make room where I want to place my video. After moving things around the area is nice and clean, and ready to have the video placed there.


2. Add the iPlayerHD app

Click Add Button (+) on the left, and select Video from the list of choices.


Select the iPlayerHD Video Hosting app and click the plus button to add the app. You can use the app for free if you will be hosting only 1 video, and later on you can upgrade if you will need more storage and videos.

3. Upload and set your video

Once you add the iPlayer Video hosting app on your Wix page you will see a container where your video will appear. You can drag the container around, but you can do that any time later. Double click the container to open the iPlayer app’s settings.




There are a lot of useful settings and features there, but what we want to do now is just upload and set our video. Click on the Library section, and then click on the green upload button to select a video from your hard drive. Once the upload starts don’t close that window until the upload is finished.


As soon as the video is uploaded you can close the app’s settings window and the video will be visible on your page.

We’re done. A nice looking video right up there on your Wix page.



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