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iPlayerHD Videos are Responsive

Responsive? What the heck are responsive videos? Responsive videos mean that the iframe containing your embedded video and playlist will respond, or re-size, to fit the screen on which it is being viewed. So on a small screen, such as a mobile device, the person viewing your video will no longer need to reduce the […]

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Who is Watching Your Videos?

Have you ever wondered where your viewers are located? Or how many are watching from a desktop, Android or Apple mobile device? Well, now you can. On July 1, iPlayerHD launched its new analytics feature that includes a lot of new data. There’s nothing you need to do to activate the feature – simply go […]

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New Feature Alert – Pop Your Videos Over Your Web Pages

  I’m pleased to announce the delivery of the iPlayerHD Pop-Over Video feature. What is it you ask? For the answer, click on the image below. Then on the page that opens, click on the Argo thumbnail below the player. When done, come back to this page for more information. It appears as though your […]

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iPlayerHD New Feature – Setting up a Custom Domain for your Video Web Pages

With the addition of this exciting new feature, you may now use your custom domain name for your iPlayerHD Playlist video web pages. You can easily use a domain you already own. For example, if your domain is www.mysite.com, you may create a sub-domain, www.videoone.mysite.com and associate it with your playlist page – i.e., iplayerhd.com/player/66144f70-6152-42ed-afd9-125e11f7ab36. […]

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iPlayerHD New Feature Alert – HD On / HD Off Player Control

If I’ve learned anything after five years of delivering video over the Web with iPlayerHD, it’s that bandwidth promises made by Internet Service Providers don’t always match the experiences of the real world. They promise a bandwidth connection speed that would seem to make watching the highest quality video a breeze but the buffering we […]

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iPlayerHD New Feature Alert – Transparent Playlists

We are excited to tell you about a new playlist feature we’ve added to your iPlayerHD embedding options.  Until now, when you embedded a playlist, the color behind the thumbnail images has been white.  While that served us well, it was time to give you the option to have the background transparent.  When you choose […]

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And the Winner of the Google Nexus is…..

Congratulations to Jeff King from the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui. Jeff owns an online video news company called Maui TV News. Go to his site and you’ll see him in front of the camera deftly delivering news about Maui, Hawaii and elsewhere.  I’ve watched many of his reports and he does it very well. Enjoy your […]

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Adding a Video Lightbox to your Web Page

Video lightboxes are becoming a very popular way to deliver video on web pages, particularly those with limited real estate.  They are similar to the method Facebook uses when displaying photo albums. Lightbox effects are transparent until a thumbnail or other text or image is clicked.  After the click, the web page dims and the […]

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YouTube – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

If you like old Westerns, then you’ve probably seen the 1966 Italian epic Spaghetti Western starring Clint Eastwood as “the Good”, Lee Van Cleef as “the Bad” and Eli Wallach as “the Ugly”. The film tells the story of a good guy teaming up with a bad guy to find a cache of gold while […]

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Subscriber Profiles – Isabel Spradlin and Rebekah Morgan

As part of our Meet iPlayerHD Subscribers Series, I’d like to introduce you to Isabel Spradlin and Bekah Morgan. Isabel Spradlin Isabel Spradlin has spent the better part of the last five years helping folks who have been injured through the use of her advanced massage techniques. She is now teaching them how to do […]

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