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Posting Custom Images to your Videos

Author’s Note – The following blog post on the subject of custom images may also be found as a video tutorial in the Need Help section of your iPlayerHD content manager.  The video is titled, appropriately, Custom Images. Your video’s thumbnail and splash images are a viewer’s peek at what they’re about to see. In […]

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Boosting Sales Through Video Content Marketing

This post on video content marketing originally appeared on The Video Experts blog and is found here by courtesy of Steven Fowler, owner of The Video Experts, a multiple award winning commercial video production company based in East Windsor, CT.  Thanks Steve! How Your Company Can Boost Sales Through Video Content Marketing Running a successful business has […]

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Unmasking the Secrets of Video on the Web

Unmasking the secrets of video on the Web. Have you ever wondered how it all works? How your videos get from your device to the folks who watch those videos on their devices anywhere in the world? If you have, you’re not alone. As the 2008 founder of iPlayerHD, I am often asked how it all works. […]

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Refreshing Facebook meta data for a website

How to Force Facebook to Refresh Meta Information

Have you ever posted a video on Facebook and later decided to change the tags associated with the video? For example, let’s say you post a video from your iPlayerHD account to Facebook. A few weeks later you change the tags (title for example) and you want to also change them (refresh meta information) for […]

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Video marketing

What is video marketing?

Video marketing, simply put, is the use of video in an online marketing campaign, specifically to build awareness of a company’s brand and its products. Video engages web site visitors much more deeply than words and images alone. We are all familiar with the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Forrester researcher […]

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Mystery of video transcoding

What is Video Transcoding?

At iPlayerHD, we are often asked by our users how best to prepare videos before they upload them to their accounts. After all, every user wants to deliver only the best quality video experience on their websites.  Rendering video files correctly from the editor is the final step in a long process and is critical […]

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Teaching the Godfather How to Sing

Gerald Whites Teaches Al Pacino to Sing In 2014, Gerald White made the Godfather an offer he could not refuse. Give me two days a week at your Beverly Hills home and I’ll teach you how to sing. Al Pacino, known for many roles over six decades, none more famous than his role as Italian gangster […]

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What is the True Cost of YouTube?

       Do you remember when you watched your first video on the Internet? Perhaps it was on YouTube? Unless you were living under a rock, it was sometime in 2005, the year YouTube first showed up on the radar and quickly became the number two website in the world, second only to Google. […]

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