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Should Cloud Computing Matter To You?

If you’re reading this, you are probably already Cloud computing. If you’re an iPlayerHD subscriber, you are Cloud computing.  Cloud computing allows yours apps and data to be accessible on the web instead of on a single computer or network. It’s that simple. Well, kind of simple. Think about Google for a moment.  They have built […]

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Viewer Engagement: Does Video Length Matter?

Yes it does.  And it should matter to you.  The videos you publish on your website or blog help gather steam for your product or service and the longer your audience is engaged, the better are your chances of obtaining and preserving their interest in your subject. This is especially true if you place an […]

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Name the iPlayerHD Blog and Win a Google Nexus

  The iPlayerHD Team and I have been discussing different initiatives and approaches to generate excitement about the iPlayerHD Blog.  We are very aware that the most important effort we can make is to write about things that interest you – the reader. We’re working on that. We also think it is time we gave […]

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The iPlayerHD Version 7 Release is a Big Success!

  We are excited to report that the release of Version 7 of iPlayerHD’s video hosting platform was a huge success. After several months of development by Team iPlayerHD, we delivered our latest version on June 9. Since iPlayerHD first launched in April of 2008, we’ve had two major updates to our platform, each with […]

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Price is Down – Bandwidth is Up. Love That!

As part of the Version 7 Release, iPlayerHD has reduced the monthly subscription price of our video hosting to $29 a month and to $300 for an annual subscription. Best of all, we have doubled your monthly bandwidth allowance from 100 GB to 200 GB and storage from 30 GB to 50 GB.  That’s a lot […]

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iPlayerHD Version 7 Video Hosting Platform Launched

I’m pleased to announce that Version 7 of iPlayerHD’s video hosting platform has been launched. Months of hard work by Team iPlayerHD has delivered our most productive and scalable platform to date. Version 7 includes the following features: A new player with a much more attractive control bar which in a future release may be […]

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Learn Social With These Seventeen Helpful Links

Over the course of a week, I read many blogs about a variety of subjects from sports to politics to technology and, of course, social media. In an effort to increase the visibility of iPlayerHD’s video hosting platform, learning how best to use social media has become a top priority.  Chances are excellent social media […]

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How to Use the iPlayerHD Replace Video Feature

So you embedded a video a few weeks or months ago on your website or blog and now you want to change the video. Perhaps your developer is the only person who can make changes to your website and he or she is away on vacation or otherwise occupied. You need the change effective immediately. […]

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HTML5 Video Update Part Two – This Could Make You Wicked Smart

Read this if you have read part one….otherwise…read part one first. For at least two years now, there has been much talk about HTML5. Many believe it will replace Flash Player.  But don’t hold your breath. HTML5 is not even close to being universally accepted by all browsers and until it is, Flash Player will […]

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