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Player Customization

Author’s Note – The following blog post on the subject of customizing your player may also be found as a video tutorial in the Need Help section of your iPlayerHD content manager.  The video is titled, appropriately, Player Customization. You probably take special care when creating your videos. Perhaps you craft a script, maybe even […]

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new player control bar

Introducing iPlayerHD’s New Player Control Bar

 Coloring your players has never been easier (and more fun)! All of us at iPlayerHD are pleased to announce that we have updated our video player with a new control bar. And we have given iPlayerHD users more control bar customization tools in their content management systems. We think you’ll agree that the look and […]

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Pro Plan Storage and Bandwidth Has Been Doubled

  So here’s some really good news. If you are a Pro Plan iPlayerHD video hosting subscriber, we’ve just doubled your storage from 50 GB to 100 GB. We’ve also doubled your monthly bandwidth from 200 GB to 400 GB. Of course, at no cost to you. Free forever. That felt good. Have a great […]

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iPlayerHD in 2012 – Many Exciting New Features

From all of us at iPlayerHD, Happy New Year. We hope 2012 is a prosperous and happy year for you and for your business. Let’s not forget last year – we thank you for your business and your loyalty in 2011. iPlayerHD is only as good as the company we keep and we sure are […]

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Resellers Earn Free iPlayerHD Accounts

  Did you know that if you refer two subscribers to iPlayerHD’s video hosting and publishing platform, your subscription is free for one year?  iPlayerHD will reward you with $150 for every subscriber you refer. Two subscribers earns you a free account. Or we can send you cash. It’s your choice. When you signed up […]

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