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Is it ever acceptable to autoplay a video on a web page?

Tell me what you think about this scenario: You click on a web page link or browse for a certain page and just as the page opens, a video with lots of audio starts to play. Out of the blue. Ambushing you. Surprising you with a mini heart attack. Are you happy or unhappy about […]

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Responsive Video Players: The What and the Why

Responsive Video Players: The What and the Why At iPlayerHD, we are often asked about responsive video players. More specifically, a user embeds our iframe code into their web page and when they view their video on a small screen device (handheld typically), they find that they can only see part of their video. Naturally, […]

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Where to Find Free Video Footage and How to Use it.

If it’s Free, it’s For Me. Some of my favorite finds on the web are sites that offer stuff I’m interested in at no cost whatsoever. Truly free video footage sites can be difficult to find as many claim to be free but dig just below the topsoil and you often find there’s a grub. Or […]

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Keep Calm and Play the Piano

A Source of Inspiration My mother, Helen Moore, was a successful entrepreneur at a time when women did not start businesses. That she was a woman in a world dominated by men never deterred her from her mission to succeed. In fact, I’m not sure her gender ever entered her thought process. She was, and […]

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What is the True Cost of YouTube?

       Do you remember when you watched your first video on the Internet? Perhaps it was on YouTube? Unless you were living under a rock, it was sometime in 2005, the year YouTube first showed up on the radar and quickly became the number two website in the world, second only to Google. […]

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