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Brett Culp – Driven to Inspire

Brett Culp and I were first introduced in 2000 while we were both attending a trade show in Las Vegas for professional event videographers from around the world. Brett was there to speak to videographers from across the world, inspiring them to produce better content. I was there as a vendor, pitching DVD authoring services for my company, Moore Digital (the grandparent of iPlayerHD) to the same audience.

Fast forward almost 20 years and Brett continues to inspire and I continue to pitch. Through that time, we have remained friends. But that should come as no surprise since Brett is a master relationship builder. His thoughtfully crafted career as a speaker and filmmaker inspires others to look deep inside to find the qualities he believes we all possess, qualities that make us all potential superheroes. And what do superheroes do? They make our world a much better place for all.

At a time when it’s easy to be cynical about everything we humans touch, Brett brings a refreshingly positive view. We all have potential to be better, he says – not just at the things we do to pay the bills but especially as the persons who can improve the lives of others through our actions.

Growing up during the 60’s and 70’s, turbulent times that one could argue make the current world seem much more tame, I had a poster of JFK on my bedroom wall with this quote ““One Person Can Make A Difference and Every Person Should Try”. I can find no better summary that describes Brett’s approach to life and to his inspirational films and speaking. His documentaries and worldwide public speaking truly inspires all of us to make a difference.

Full disclosure – I’ve not seen Brett speak in front of an audience in many years but I have seen his two successful documentaries, 2013’s Legends of the Knight, and 2017’s Look to the Sky. Both films use superheroes we all know well, in the former, Batman, and the latter, Superman, to inpsire all of us to use our human powers to create a better world for all creatures, great and small.

Did I mention his films are available on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu?

Brett has been a customer of iPlayerHD since 2008, our first year as a video host provider. And because Brett Culp is a filmmaker, he and his team use the original go-to place for independant filmakers, Vimeo. As founder of iPlayerHD, I’m proud to claim Brett as both friend and customer.

Check out Brett’s website and his IMDb page. Folllow him on Twitter @brettculp. You will find his posts inspiring! I know I do.

Have an event that needs an inspirational speaker? You can learn more here.

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