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3 easy steps to embed a responsive, ad-free video to your WordPress

If you want to embed a responsive, ad-free video into your WordPress website you came to the right place. With iPlayerHD it will take only 3 easy steps. The whole process will take you less then a few minutes.

Here is the example of how the video will work and look like (try resizing your browser and you will see the video act responsively).

Let’s jump right in.

1. Install the Free Responsive iframe Video Embeds plugin

Download and install the plugin from here:

2. Get the embed code for your video

If you are already an iPlayerHD member go to your dashboard and select the video you want to embed. If you are not a member create a free account here.

Just below the video preview is the Sharing section, click on Embed on your website button.


On the next screen you will see the embed code to be used in step 3.


Copy the code to the clipboard by clicking on the icon on the bottom right of the box.

3. Place the WordPress embed code into your post or page

Go to the location in your WordPress page or post where you want the responsive video to appear and paste (Ctrl + V) the embed code you have copied in step 2.

If your video is in 16:9 format you can delete the width and height attributes from the shortcode. It should look just like this.

If not, you will need to adjust the width and height attributes to match those of your video.

Publish the post and voila! You will have a great looking responsive video, working well on every type of device.


If you have any problems or questions contact us and we will help you out.

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