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iPlayerHD, Property Videos and MLS Compliance

Twelve years ago, April of 2008 to be more precise, iPlayerHD launched its first video hosting product. Our first customer was Jock Hewitt of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Jock was a real estate agent selling very expensive ranch properties mostly for sheep, horses and cattle. He was also an avid videographer who created stunning videos […]

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iPlayerHD and Amazon Web Services – a Solid Partnership

Before I begin, I would encourage you to write me to discuss anything related to iplayerhd or any subject. Reach me at . Life as we know it has been put on pause…something few of us could ever have predicted just a few weeks ago. Yet, here we are. We’ve all received many emails […]

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Guest Post: How iPlayerHD Benefits Real Estate Pros

Discover How iPlayerHD Is Benefiting Real Estate Professionals iPlayerHD’s first customer in April of 2008 was Jock Hewitt, a real estate agent and photographer from Christ’s Church, New Zealand. Jock has since passed on and we miss him but his legacy was the forerunner of a niche that has served iPlayerHD well for many years. […]

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Brett Culp – Driven to Inspire

Brett Culp and I were first introduced in 2000 while we were both attending a trade show in Las Vegas for professional event videographers from around the world. Brett was there to speak to videographers from across the world, inspiring them to produce better content. I was there as a vendor, pitching DVD authoring services […]

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How to Use End of Video Call to Action

Are you using iPlayerHD’s end of video call to action (CTA) feature? If not, perhaps you should give it some consideration. It’s a great way to encourage your audience to take some action. Smart marketers know that CTAs, which come in many forms, are powerful methods to convert traffic, to motivate that hard-earned traffic to […]

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Auto Play Videos Update

The last time I wrote about auto play videos, the emphasis was on the growing movement away from auto play, especially with sound. Most of us would agree it can be annoying. A simple search for auto play videos will turn up a large number of posts, like this one, showing you how to disble […]

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Make money (lots of it) as an iPlayerHD evangelist

Let’s be open about this. iPlayerHD loves you and you love us. So why not share that love with your colleagues, family and friends? And make some money along the way. How does $100 per referral sound? What about five years of iPlayerHD plus $1,000 in Amazon credit? Sound good? The video below my signature […]

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Need to transfer massive video files? No biggie.

There are many well known and commonly used features found within the iPlayerHD content management system.  But there is one feature that’s not so well known but can be quite useful. Let’s suppose you have a small or large video file (pdfs, zip and other file types work also) that you want to send to […]

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How to Use Your Domain for Your iPlayerHD Video Pages

Did you know you can use your domain for your iPlayerHD video pages?  Yep.  It’s true. And this is not new…in fact, I last did a post on it a few years ago. It seemed appropriate for an update. First you should understand about CNAMES.  CNAME is an abbreviation for Canonical Name record, and it […]

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